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Florianópolis is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina and one of the three island-capital of Brazil. It stands out being the Brazilian capital with the best human development index (HDI), at the order of 0,875 according to the report released by the UN in 2000. With such index Florianópolis became the fourth city with the best quality of life in Brazil.

According to the American magazine Newsweek, Florianópolis is one of 10 most dynamic cities in the world, next to Las Vegas, London and Moscow, combining fast urban growth with high life quality, avoiding polluting industries and growing sectors of tourism and technology. Read the whole article: Boomtowns unlikely and The Ten Most Dynamic Cities.

In 2009 Florianópolis was elected by the New York Times the best party destination of the year. The Place to Be: Florianópolis, Brazil.

Located in the central-eastern state of Santa Catarina, is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Most of Florianópolis (97.23%) is located on the island of Santa Catarina, which added to the continental part, there are about 100 beaches.
Its rapid growth is driven by the number of migrants and foreigners who, after visiting the city during their vacation, fall in love with it returning to establish a new life or to invest in the promising local real estate market.

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