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Garapuvu Specialty Properties


We are inspired by the design, the architecture and urban planning integrated with nature. The development with sustainability. We respect the ethics and comply to the laws that govern our city, our estate and country. The life quality preservation.


These are our guidelines to carefully advise our clients, and with much discretion, we aim to point out the best opportunities for your needs, without commercial pressures.


We have the support of architects and lawyers to develop and make your home or real estate project.



Special Properties


As the Garapuvu tree is, our properties are special because they were carefully selected due their diferencials features, regardless their nominal value.


It can be a house of colonial Portuguese architecture or a contemporary project signed by a renowned architect.


A cozy room, a charming room or a prime location.


Even the simplest home can be a special property if it comes with a beautiful view of the Lagoa (Lagoon) da Conceição.


It can be also be a land with the best qualities for the construction of a particular enterprise.



Our Inspiring Tree


Garapuvu is a stunning native tree, considered sacred for many people. It has attributes that we admire and identify well our concept Specialty Properties.


It has a remarkable “design” and stands out from the forest with a majestic size and a straight trunk of smooth gray texture, reaching 30 meters high and 20 meters of open circular canopy. Between October and December it is covered by yellow flowers that color the forest hills, showing its Brazillity.


With a very fast growth, produces fruits and seeds in abundance and its life circle has an important role in the regeneration of the rainforest around.


Native of Santa Catarina, became symbol tree of Florianópolis in May 25th, 1992 when it was protected by law (Law # 3771/92).


The wood of Garapuvu used to be used for the manufacture of canoes by its lightness and easy notch.


The origin of its name came from the indigenous language: “Guapyruvu” – the wind dancing tree.


Garapuvu (Schizolobium parahyba, Vell.) is also known in other regions as guapuruvu, guarapuvú, ficheira, bacurubu, badarra, bacuruva, birosca, faveira, pau-de-vintém, pataqueira and pau-de-tamanco (clog’s wood).


In old days the children use to play trading using their seeds as currency exchange. So appreciated were those seeds, that led to a legend that says "if someone gives you a Garapuvu seed as a gift, your friendship is sealed forever."










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